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About 1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster)

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn with Black

So many great things to say about Bella that I apologize in advance for this long Bio.  I want to start by saying she has been in foster for a little over a week now – the “plan” was to give her a short break from being in the shelter, but she has been such a perfect houseguest we have extended her stay!

Bella is house trained, crate trained, does great on car rides and is very quiet in the home.  She was great during a bath and does not mess with anything that is not hers – honestly all this little girl wants is a sweater or coat when it’s cold, a warm soft spot to lay her head, and a stuffed toy she can destroy when in one of her playful moods.  And treats! She LOVES treats! Bella loves to lay on the couch and snooze while wearing one of her many sweaters or coats – she has very short fur and in some places, almost no fur, so she gets cold easy. Bella’s favorite spot in the house is a papasan chair upstairs and she will excuse herself from everyone on the first floor and disappear quietly to the third floor to lay in her spot – she sleeps here every night as well.  She is pretty independent and not much of a snuggler but she welcomes any petting or massaging – she will even nudge you when you stop to get you to continue. It is the cutest! Bella has also shown that she may prefer not to be snuggled or petted while chewing on a bone or toy – this goes for any dog really, but we did see a bit of guarding (a low growl) on one occasion with Bella so we are passing it on.

Bella does not require a lot of activity and seems to be happy with a short walk, or doing a couple zoomies in the backyard.  She is a bit of a puller on the walks – surprising with her small size- but if pulling is an issue for you, one of her favorite volunteers walked her regularly with a gentle leader and she did well with this.  

Bella is an adorable, low maintenance petite girl who is easy to love.  She, like many of us, does take a supplement to maintain her healthy lil figure.  She gets a daily joint supplement, and a monthly shot. She also takes daily treatment for hypothyroidism – something that was also recently discovered.  While these supplements are inexpensive, Bella will likely need to continue on these indefinitely so please consider these extra expenses if you plan to bring this little girl home! 

We have seen a few signs of incontinence in Bella since she has been in our home - this happened mainly when she was in her crate during the day - Very easy to manage.  She has just started Proin – and we will continue to monitor this and hope her incontinence will be fully controlled with this.  

During a recent x-ray it was also found that Bella had a previous surgery on one of her back legs – which explains her slightly crooked run/walk.  This does not slow her down at all and she does not appear to be in any pain from it.  She can sprint up and down the stairs with the best of them!

Bella will need to be the only pet in the home.  She has been great with a pre-teen in the home and we have no reason to believe that she would not do well with other respectful children – ones that will allow Bella her own personal space when eating or chewing on a toy/bone.  She also has met lots of new faces coming into the home, (ladies small group, pre-teen friends, and other adult males) and has done great with everyone! This girl is going to make some family out there VERY happy!

Thank you for considering adoption!

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1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster) 1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster) 1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster) 1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster)
1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster) 1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster) 1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster) 1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster)
1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster) 1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster) 1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster) 1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster)
1906-0086 Bella (Off Site Foster)