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About 2009-1600 Ashton

ASHTON (AKA ORORO)    4 1/2 years old, 45 pounds, house trained, good with dogs but needs proper introductions and supervision until she is comfortable, does not share with other dogs well either, loves to play fetch & tug, loves squeaky toys, pulls on the leash towards other dogs, loves long walks, very food motivated, knows some commands, gets very excited when people visit, torn CCL in the past but shows no discomfort, still might limp.


Round and round she goes, that's what I thought when I saw VBACAC alum Ashton back behind bars. Holy smokes! She's gained some weight!  It's a good thing she loves to still go for walks!  She will need a few as hopefully her next home will help her drop a few pounds. Return visitor Ashton has been in a home for 4 years now but back with us due to her nipping and guarding children's play area.  She is sweet and friendly and playful but let's say no young children this time around.  Ashton is great in so many other ways!  She loves to go for walks although an old injured CCL makes her limp sometimes.  We are told she shows no discomfort with this so it may just be a matter of managing how far she walks because she definitely needs to walk and drop some weight as all I could think about while I was getting photographs was how much she resembled a pig.  She knows some commands and gets really excited when people come to visit the home.  This fun happy girl is said to have lived with other dogs before but it was imperative she have proper introductions which included supervision afterwards.  It's also important potential adopters know she does not share food or toys well with other dogs, again, management is vital with more than one dog in a home. Ashton loves to play and if you're in for some fetch or tug, she will happily follow suit!  Ashton is waiting to meet you at the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center. We are located at 341 S Birdneck Road in VB and are open daily except for Tuesdays.  Call 385-4444 or go to our Facebook page to make an appointment to meet her! 

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2009-1600 Ashton