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About 2205-1595 Mica (Off Site Foster)

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn with White

Since being in our home (almost 2 months now) our handsome foster boy MICA (Scooby) has given us a TON of drool-filled moments, and non-stop silly puppy-like antics to laugh at

One “quote” that still applies for his future forever person/family is:


  • Very active young boy who needs lots of physical & mental activity
  • If the atmosphere in the home is quiet he will enjoy an afternoon nap in his bed
  • Super smart and very treat motivated!  Will be easy to teach new advanced commands to
  • Commands he already knows:  Sit, stay, wait, paw, other paw, down
  • Crate trained and goes in voluntarily for meals and special treats
  • House trained and will whine or go near door to let you know he needs out
  • Respectful of barriers and baby gates in the home
  • Will entertain himself for hours with his toys and loves to dig in his toy baskets
  • Does pretty well in car if restrained in back seat. Otherwise he will try to ride shotgun
  • Is protective of his people in the car if he sees person walking by, or in parking lot, or drive thrus
  • His ideal home will be a tidy one (especially bedrooms) otherwise he feels need to “clean up” himself so it is very important to keep small clothing items out of his reach
  • Is not a super affectionate boy but does cuddle/sleep in bed with teen in the home, under a blanket, or on his own pillow next to her (adorable!) J
  • Pretty good on walks and enjoys lots of sniffs, but if he sees a bird, squirrel or anything that looks exciting, he will pull strongly to investigate – Treats do help!
  • Gets excited when he sees other dogs, and previous owner stated he is dog friendly, but we have not tested yet
  • Is not a fan of body handling, baths or vet visits but has tolerated us dressing him in a velcro jacket or sweater (will do best if muzzled for vet visits)
  • Has done well with new people coming into home, but is not a fan of lots of petting or head scratches from strangers so intros should be slow, and monitored
  • High alert boy who will bark & investigate whenever someone comes in the house
  • We don’t recommend small kids because he can get mouthy and grabby when playing with toys (and sometimes with treats)

Mica (or as we call him Scooby!) is truly a big ole goofy boy who needs an active family who can help him expend his energy and also provide him mental stimulation. He loves his people and wants to be close by all the time.  He is a very sweet protective boy.  He is also quite the busy body and wants to be in on ALL the action going on in the house. “The more action the more hyperness we see” (lol) He is a bit pushy when treats or food are nearby so he will need a family that will continue to reinforce his good behaviors and establish boundaries to deter the “puppy like” ones. Because of his high motivation for treats, training possibilities are endless! 

This handsome big active boy will make a great companion for someone who is looking for a well rounded super smart, but also goofy drooly boy who is also a good protective “guard dog” wherever you are with him. 

Other Pictures of 2205-1595 Mica (Off Site Foster) (click to see larger version):

2205-1595 Mica (Off Site Foster) 2205-1595 Mica (Off Site Foster) 2205-1595 Mica (Off Site Foster) 2205-1595 Mica (Off Site Foster)
2205-1595 Mica (Off Site Foster) 2205-1595 Mica (Off Site Foster) 2205-1595 Mica (Off Site Foster)