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Pit Bull Terrier  : :  Male

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About 2306-0253 Harrison (Off Site Foster)

Harrison! Long timer and shelter favorite! Was in foster care for months and did amazing! Here is what his foster had to share:

“✨ Harrison is dog friendly, but prefers dogs his size or smaller. My house is ruled by a chihuahua/Jack Russell terrier which means Harrison is ruled by her too and he has no complaints about that. But he did complain and have little tolerance for an Irish wolfhound mix that I used to dogsit frequently. He was able to coexist, but was obviously uncomfortable and going forward I don’t want Harrison to go to a home where he’ll be uncomfortable and show negative behavior. Harrison maybe weighs around 50lbs now. He’s not a big boy, but he is a good boy. 

✨ Harrison has met plenty of adults, but hasn’t met as many children. I wouldn’t recommend him to a home with young or small children that are figuring out how their legs work because he will take out their developing knee caps with no issue. And I mean none. There won’t be mercy. Just lots of zoomies and knee caps will be popped and parents will be upset. Teenagers are recommended, but not required in his next home. 

✨ Harrison is EXTREMELY crate trained. He knows when it’s meal time and he runs right into his crate, sometimes I think he canon balls into it by how fast he jumps in, he’s just passionate about his meal times and treats 

✨ He’ll take a treat gently and you’re able to put his bowl in his kennel and take it out with no issue, but please allow Harrison to get to know you before getting in his space and in his face. Harrison has shown that he is house trained, he did occasionally have accidents in my house when first arriving while he adjusted to my schedule after being on the shelters schedule for nearly 5 months. Adjustment periods can range anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months and that solely depends on the dog. Harrison has been thriving in my home and has met a handful of dogs that board with me too along with my seasoned sass crew and done fine. I will mention that he has no idea what sharing is and I mean he will slowly creep up to another dog, take their toy/bone and creep away like the Grinch that stole Christmas. My crew tolerates a lot and I’m hoping if someone that adopts him, then they will have a dog(s) that tolerate Harrison too. There’s been no issues with resource guarding from him, but if another dog starts a fight over his pushy behavior he will respond.  It’s good to be aware that Harrison has no shame and will steal toys/bones and due to this Harrison is only allowed to free roam while I’m home (precautions are necessary for any and all dogs and here’s my own personal example : Ripley still gets crated because she can’t be trusted with gym shorts or bathroom mats  and I’ve had her for more than half her life now ) 

Also I’d like to mention that Harrison has a nickname that defines him. I occasionally call him Scaryison because he’s literally afraid of the wind if it blows too hard or a rouge hair falling on his booty. You will definitely catch him trying to run away from something and it sometimes turns into zoomies because he tries to play it off. Every single time. It never fails. 

Overall Harrison is a dog friendly, crate trained, house trained and friendly pittie boy that loves laying in laps (or all over you - literally. He’s big on cuddling), he doesn’t know any standard commands besides going to his crate. Y’all I’ve tried training him and he just stares at me. We love him  and his waddle walk. I do not know if he’s cat friendly, but I wouldn’t have much confidence in a cat that enjoys choosing violence on the daily with dogs and using their murder mittens on them - Harrison probably wouldn’t be a fan so please keep that in mind.

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2306-0253 Harrison (Off Site Foster) 2306-0253 Harrison (Off Site Foster) 2306-0253 Harrison (Off Site Foster) 2306-0253 Harrison (Off Site Foster)
2306-0253 Harrison (Off Site Foster) 2306-0253 Harrison (Off Site Foster) 2306-0253 Harrison (Off Site Foster) 2306-0253 Harrison (Off Site Foster)